Product Design (Graphic Design)


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This is private development no government association or resources used at all. The project has be developed using Indeeo (IDRAW) and Pixelmator 3.1 on MAC OSX. The project was initiated by concerned citizens who wanted to honor some friends, that had serve there country but not as a solider. The design could actually be used by any agency governmental or non-profit who wanted to honor their fallen. Initial dimensions are under going modeling using various materials.

Going Out to do meet and greets.


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One of the biggest problems with starting a business is it you got to go out and build clientele. In my case the only way I know they do that is visit realtors and landlords. For the verification I have partnered with we go look a group that specializes in such clients and contract out the work.  In addition I joined with Upwork to help distant client feel safer about the transaction as they act as a in between and keep funds in a escrow. So this week is going to be extremely busy as start to make new contentions. 

Photo Work Early Years




Over the years I have experimented with a lots of styles and equipment with each step my love for the art of film and digital photography grew. Below you can see some of styles, and lessons I experienced. Some of these are processed and some are unedited. But each and everyone of them was a step in a new direction.

During this time I also was taking lots of photos of damage, floods, tornados, and more much of which is owned by FEMA now. I will review what is still mine and doesn’t cross any lines before I consider sharing any examples of that kind of work.

Please also note that some shots may have two watermark because of this post and any link in those watermarks may no longer be in service.

Enjoy Rob


NYC Photo Mixed


A series of photos taken while I was in New York for several months as part of the Hurricane Sandy Recovery Operations. I was working out of Queens and staying over a dance studio in Manhattan near 63rd St. and 2nd Ave. Due to the mission most of these were not taken with my best cameras thus, many are iPhone photos taken when the opportunity arose. This was one of the greatest culture shock assignment I ever had. Running to work daily via subway, learning to operate without a vehicle, and the sticker shock that I experienced.  Yet I feel in love with the lifestyle of New York though my rural roots had a stronger pull.

Most of the processing is straight forward lighting, contrast, noise reduction etc. Though some are combined stock & custom filters layered to create the desired affect and to remove identifying factors in some shots. While all shot are in public space I felt when possible I would try to impact the faces and people with strong contrasting, gentle blurring, or mild warping affects while make sure they are not noticeable.

Enjoy – Rob


Getting things up and running


Created and ordered some Polo shirts with Logo for my Real Estate & Verification Photography business.  The logo represent “Rob Lannan Jr”  with a little photographer taken picture of the “L”. Got the shirts in white and blue as there easy to see and complement the Logo.   A couple of clients have already lined up to start use my services starting the 1st. Nice part is I am starting with no debt or investors can’t asked for a better situation. Still got a few more pieces to get in to place but they should be done by the 24th.

Voila_Capture 2017-03-16_04-12-22_PM

If your going to start a business go all the way!!

A series of Assembly Image Videos.



I enjoy making these I truly recommend the Assembly App just as stress relief thing or having fun. Yet let make it clear you can actually create some amazing things with the the app. In fact check out their Instagram feed ,  twitter feed, or their Tumblr. Like I said I use it as a form of stress relief and idea generator. Well I hope you enjoy the below videos.

This one is a comical fish.

This was inspired by those Japanese masks.

Scary Sheep, don’t want to meet this in a field.

A little birdie told me this idea.

Ok was trying to make a imaginary selfie… :0