A series of photos taken while I was in New York for several months as part of the Hurricane Sandy Recovery Operations. I was working out of Queens and staying over a dance studio in Manhattan near 63rd St. and 2nd Ave. Due to the mission most of these were not taken with my best cameras thus, many are iPhone photos taken when the opportunity arose. This was one of the greatest culture shock assignment I ever had. Running to work daily via subway, learning to operate without a vehicle, and the sticker shock that I experienced.  Yet I feel in love with the lifestyle of New York though my rural roots had a stronger pull.

Most of the processing is straight forward lighting, contrast, noise reduction etc. Though some are combined stock & custom filters layered to create the desired affect and to remove identifying factors in some shots. While all shot are in public space I felt when possible I would try to impact the faces and people with strong contrasting, gentle blurring, or mild warping affects while make sure they are not noticeable.

Enjoy – Rob